What's for?


Fronde is an opinionated static website generator for Org. It helps you converting Org mode files into websites, giving you full control over the publication process.


  • Inherits all Org mode features (tables, syntax highlighting, code blocks evaluation, multiple languages support…)
  • Does not require any emacs lisp knowledge
  • Does not require any server-side code, nor databases, only a simple http server like apache, nginx, lighttpd, hiawatha…
  • Allows fine customization of generated html files
  • Allows multiple sources for your Org file and let you organize them as you wish in the destination folder
  • Can use different theme for different sources
  • Supports tags and ATOM feeds

Quick install

Fronde is a Ruby gem. You need a working Ruby environment to use it. We recommand you to use RVM and a specific gemset. However it will works with a global ruby installation too.

rvm get latest
rvm use ruby-2.7.2@fronde --create
gem install fronde

Now, you're ready to create your first Fronde website.

mkdir mywebite
cd mywebsite
fronde init -t "My first fronde website"
fronde build
fronde preview

Going further

Please refer to the documentation.