Quick fix for Zeal 0.6.1

I'm an happy user of Zeal to search in various programming languages documentation. My current paid work let me deal with ruby, python, PHP, coffeescript, javascript, html, css for the main ones, but for my own pleasure I work with elisp and ruby or python again. Thus I switch very often from one technology to another, and I always prefer double check the effect of a command before using it. Having all these languages documentations in one place, easily accessible with a powerfull search feature helps a lot. So, first, thank you a lot to Oleg Shparber and obviously to Dash developers for the documenation bundles.

But one bug was very frustrating since a long time: all docsets extracted from the Mozilla Developer wiki were broken. They just displayed an ugly « Content rendering error » instead of content. However I was a huge fan of the javascript, html or css docsets, thus I was sad to remove them from Zeal.

Until I discover someone was more frustrated than me and opens an issue regarding this problem. And a miracle happen: some oher found a solution! It was just a problem of ugly bloated technology (my opinion), and removing the related source file in the docset fixes the problem. Thank you very much to him. And for us all, go typing the following command each time we update these docsets:

find .local/share/Zeal/Zeal/docsets -name 'react-main.*.js' -exec rm {} \;