Centigram, a CSS framework

I discovered the milligram CSS framework some time ago and found it just as simple and beautiful as I wished for the project I was working on. Previously I was playing with bulma, but after some time I realized it feels a bit too big for my needs.

But with simplicity also came some… lack (like supporting disabled or readonly input fields, or supporting a dark mode). And the project felt a bit dormant. Lot of issues and merge requests stacking, mainly spam-like requests, but still: nobody seems to take time to close them anyway. As I was very interested to improve the framework to cover all my needs, I take the liberty to make it a friendly fork and, as such, even propose a new name for it: centigram. Because all those little changes have made it weight a little more 😅.

Here are all the changes I introduced (for now):

All the thanks should go to CJ Patoilo for having initialized such a beautiful theme.