My default apps

Following a post on Mastodon, I discovered by chance the last blogging trend: publishing a quick list of the applications/services we use daily. All publications are centralized by Robb Knight if you want to discover more of them. As some already noticed, it is a very nice journey to parse the list, discovering a lot of very nice people 🙂

So, here is my own list:

📨 Mail Client: mu4e
📮 Mail Server: self hosted with YunoHost & Posteo
📝 Notes: Org on Emacs and Orgzly on Android; Nextcloud Notes app with mobile app too
To-Do: N/A
📷 Photo Shooting: From time to time from my Nokia G20 with its stock camera app
🟦 Photo Management: N/A
📆 Calendar: Nextcloud Calendar app, synced with DAVx⁵ to Etar app on mobile
📁 Cloud File Storage: Nextcloud
📖 RSS: Nextcloud News app, both on browser and mobile
🙍🏻‍ Contacts: Nextcloud Contacts app, synced with DAVx⁵ to stock contact app on Android
🌐 Browser: Firefox everywhere. Ghostery Private Browser sometimes.
💬 Chat: Signal, Conversations to connect on my self hosted XMPP server. Google Chat at work 😭
🔖 Bookmarks: Firefox with sync between mobile and desktops
📑 Read It Later: Wallabag
📜 Word Processing: LaTeX
📈 Spreadsheets: N/A
📊 Presentations: LaTeX
🛒 Shopping Lists: N/A
🍴 Meal Planning: N/A
💰 Budgeting and Personal Finance: My bank webapp
📰 News: c.f. RSS section
🎵 Music: Spotify
🎤 Podcasts: None
🔐 Password Management: pass
🧮 Text Editor: Emacs
🧑‍💻 Code Editor: Emacs
💻 Desktop Environment: sway with waybar and dunst
🔎 Search: Ghostery Private Search and DuckDuckGo
Keyboard: BEPO layout
⌨️ Blogging: Fronde, my own static website solution 🚀
🐘 Mastodon: directly the web app, even on mobile

As you might have noticed, lot of my apps/services are backed by Nextcloud. I self-host my own Nextcloud instance, thanks to the marvelous work of with YunoHost.