Today I went to Paris to have an interview with a potential host company for my final training period (TN10).

Just before the interview I needed an internet connection to verify some information. I had to choose between a Mac Do or a Quick, both offering wifi connection. As I was near the Quick, I start entering this restaurant… and came out few minute later, angry.

Mac Do was just what I need. Be ashame Quick !

By the way, I've starded working on tatoeba, and in fact, on CakePHP. I have to admit cakephp is a nice piece of code and has a speed learning rate. Add to an existing installation a new private messaging system took me only a couple of hour ! It gives me lot of new ideas for Ouga ;)

I'm currently looking for a trainee opportunities. My resume is here null. If you know some people who could be interessed by my profile, don't hesitate to share it. Thanx !